Community Spotlight: Harrington PTA

  October 14, 2020 From Carolyn Mattozzi The Harrington PTA is attempting to create events/fundraisers that will allow us to connect with the school and community in a safe and efficient way throughout this pandemic. Along with the Harvest raffle, we will be participating in the Halloween festivities with other Harrington businesses the evening of…

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Missoula Children’s Theater

3/24/19 – By Linda Mielke One of the neat things about living in a small town is how connected we all are.  As one business or organization goes, so go all the others and our school is no exception. This past week two actor/directors from Missoula Children’s Theater visited Harrington and worked with our K-12…

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Busy Week in Harrington

Not all weeks in Harrington have quite so many “happenings.” However, the news from the first week of November 2018, as reported by Marge Womach, provides a good sampling of local activities. Monday Night HOHS Monday, Nov 5th, HOHS met at the opera house at 7 p.m. with Linda Wagner leading and the following in…

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