Spotlight on The Post & Office

exterior view of The Post & OfficeFrom Heather Slack
I don’t think we’ve ever done a formal introduction around here. The Post & Office has been open for almost 4 years now so it’s probably about time.
This corner coffee shop in Harrington is 100% family run. Two parents and two kids pull it together each day. We moved from Seattle to Harrington 7 years ago and have found that living in a small town of less than 500 people fits us well. We took an empty building that was once the local post office and turned the front half into a coffee shop and the back half into shared office space.
Most days Justin is tackling his day job back in the office space and Heather is up front slinging coffee. Justin (originally from Yuba City, Ca) and Heather (from Seattle) met at Gonzaga University in Spokane. Caroline, entering her Senior year in High School, pops in before and after school as well as during the summer to man the register, run errands and follow mom’s lead. Turner, entering his 8th grade year, is the main mail boy, ice fetcher and all around swell back-up guy.
Along with the 4 of us there are also the neighbors who make this place so special. The customers who have a special place in our hearts and who truly make our days at the coffee shop so enjoyable.
(Check out our Facebook Stories for a few of these Harrington #neighbors)
Thank you for the friendships, connections and support!

We’re back from vacation and can’t wait to finish up this hot summer serving cold brew, Iced Tea, Huckleberry Lemonade and scooping ice cream. Our hours are back to normal Tuesday- Friday, 8-4; Saturday, 8-3

The Post and Office – Coffee Shop
2 S Third St, Harrington, WA 99134
Justin and Heather SlackTurner S.Caroline S.