Business Spotlight: Ag Swag

A cattle tag with our area code was our first and most popular design. It was created as a subtle conversation starter. If you recognize the cattle tag then you might see this and know the person wearing the hat may raise cattle in Eastern Washington or support someone that does. If you are from here then you might recognize the 509 as a “local”. This logo has sparked cool conversations with perfect strangers.
“Oh my grandparents had a ranch….”
“Where do you ranch?”
“What is that logo?”
“We raise bison.”
Conversations with real people, organic and thoughtful. A literal conversation vs a virtual one where sometimes thoughtfulness is left behind.
We have been sending these out to customers all over the US and customize the number to fit their area code. We recently mailed our first international hat to Norway. Farmers and ranchers are everywhere. Here’s to sparking great conversations ?
The designs you find at Ag Swag are inspired by my family, and in some small way a group of protesting Vegans helped launch a desire to share Agriculture in a meaningful process.
Ball Cap.