Business Spotlight – Studio One

Studio 1 on South 3rd St.From Paula Harrington

Studio 1 is giving away the first mask to individuals who need them.  We are asking for a donation for the subsequent masks to offset costs.  We are currently filling an order for the school.  We are also going to be sending masks to the Nursing Home in Davenport and a Alzheimer’s facility in Moses Lake.  If anyone is interested they can drop me a message, call or message me on FB.  I’m leaving the masks in a plastic bag on my black rack with their names on them.  If they want to purchase any of our merchandise, I do accept checks, cash, or PayPal – ppike (at) (remove spaces & insert symbol)

If anyone needs something special, please let me know.

In addition to the Studio, if anyone is in need of home repairs, the company Ray is working for Ink’d out of Spokane is available. 

I know we can get through this together and will be stronger for it all in the end.

Paula S. Harrington