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Harrington Town Square Project!

In the center of downtown Harrington, a historic landmark building was torn down some years back and what Is left is an empty lot. The lot is located across the street from the Memorial Hall/Senior Center and the historic Opera House where fun community events and gatherings take place. The goal of the Town Square Project is to make the lot safe, beautiful and a healthy outdoor place for all people to gather and interact. You can purchase an engraved paver to sponsor the project or donate funds, materials, time or equipment. All contributions welcome!

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The Vision

The vision for the development of this lot is to enhance community health by creating a space for people to connect and enjoy prideof place In a meaningful and long-term way. A central meeting place would strengthen participation in community events like Fall Festival, Fun Run, Cruizin' Harrington and Opera House performances. Farmers markets, vendor space, and outdoor musical events are all possibilities!

The Grant

The Chamber of Commerce received a challenge grant from Innovia Foundation of Spokane in the amount of $30,000 and for every $1 we raise they will match It (up to $30,000). Innovia has set up a Community Fund that is now ready to accept donations towards the project. Donations of time, materials and equipment are also considered matching funds to the grant. Ask us how!


  • Online-go to the Innovia Foundation "Give Now" page on their website innovia.org/give-now/. On this page, donors can search for "Harrington Town Square Community Fund" from the drop down list of funds. Then, donors can enter their credit card and personal information and then hit "submit."
  • Via check - by making the check out to "lnnovia Foundation" and stating "Harrington Town Square Community Fund" either in the memo line or on a separate memo.

Mail Checks to:
Innovia Foundation
421 W. Riverside Ave. Suite 606
Spokane, WA  99201

Questions? Please email the Harrington Area Chamber of Commerce (Contact Form) THANK YOU!

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