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NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 1 - January 2018

Family and friends are usually associated with the holidays no matter what part of the world you live in. Here in Harrington that is no different. The Harrington Opera House had a Thanksgiving Church service open to the community, up at the Harrington School there were activities such as music, football games to watch
on TV and bingo with prizes. A group effort with Harrington Meals, Harrington School and volunteers served a Lincoln County Community Thanksgiving dinner at the school as well. Thank you to all that were involved with this beneficial and thoughtful event. December brought the community together again. . . MORE

NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 4 - November 2017

Comfy sweaters, warm drinks and beautiful colors, I love the season of Fall. The weekend activities for Fall Festival were enjoyed by all who attended. Whether its live music and a rummage sale at the Opera House, watching the competitors in the Fun Run or the parade downtown and seeing people you haven't seen for a while, events like this bring a community together. MORE

NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 3 - September 2017

NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 2 - April 2017

Well spring is here, or is it? Either way we are ready for that sunshine to be upon us and enjoy the warmer temperatures. The Chamber would like to welcome our newest members and thank them for joining. Furthermore, the Chamber voted in new Vice President, Allen Barth as the position became vacant in February.
Updated By-Laws were presented and adopted by the Chamber in March. Equally important, several extremely generous donations were made to the Chamber by a local resident as well as a frequent visitor to our city and park. Additionally, paperwork has been filed by the Chamber to gain status of a 501(c)(3) for non-profit organization. Exciting web developments along with new website design ideas have started with more to be worked on moving forward. The remainder of the year and what it has to offer is both intriguing and enticing.

NEWSLETTER - Volume 1 - Issue 1 - December 27, 2016

Thanks to you, your support of the Harrington Chamber, could contribute $250 to the Harrington PTA fundraiser to purchase new playground equipment for the school. We sponsored a $200 scholarship to one of our community’s graduates. We donated $75 toward the purchase of flowers for Downtown beautification. The Chamber supplied festive goody bags for the children having pictures with Santa, the overage was given to the community food bank for distribution. With the help of the Harrington Honor Society we filled holiday food bags for some of our area residents. The Chamber sponsored the Cruzin’ Harrington day and coordinated the vendors and beer garden for the Fall Festival (Sponsored by the Lion’s Club.) We appreciate everyone’s support and hope to expand our community contributions in 2017.

Most items below are courtesy Margie' Womach's submissions to the Odessa Record

Harrington Chamber of Commerce - Wednesday noon, Sept 2, 2015
Discussion was held on the selection of the "Yard of the Month". Becca from the PO informed the group of the availability of mass mailing for $47 to notify the community of special events via mail. Suggestions were made regarding the need to get the community involved in holiday decorating which topic will be revisited at the next meeting. Sept 21 is the scheduled date for Fall Clean-Up Day which the Chamber will coordinate with the school and hope to make use of the Jr High and High School students for the city projects, giving them the opportunity to gain community service hours.

The Second Annual Community meeting was scheduled for Oct 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the Opera House Art room with the Chamber hosting.  A community "work together" project with all the organizations participating was discussed. The community sign was suggested. Kathy and Cindy volunteered to prepare the agenda.

Margie Hall from the County EDC reminded the group of the 2nd annual EDC Connect event. An evening of net working with other county businesses and dinner is scheduled for Sept 24 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Davenport.

A Reviving Rural Downtowns workshop is scheduled for Sept 23 and 24 in Ritzville. The charge is $25 per person with advanced registration required.

Discussions regarding the Harrington Fall Festival included considering inviting vendors to the Fall Festival, which Amy Foley is working with the Lions Club, The Studebaker Garage will have vintage cars on display for the Festival, the parade will be the responsibility of the Fire District this year, and the Opera House will sponsor a magician for Friday evening, Sept 25.

Harrington Chamber – Odessa Record Submission 3-8-2015
Wednesday noon the Harrington Chamber of Commerce met at city hall. The Chamber received the Cruizin' Day banner and the members approved payment of the bill. The banners are to be placed at the north entrance to town in the park and in the Grain-View Park at the South end of Third. Clean-up Day for the town was again discussed with concern over some of the entry-to-the-town properties noted for their unsightly condition. A member asked that abatement letters be sent to the offending parties if no action is taken this week. In preparation for the big spring event, and with some of the property owners declining to respond to letters requesting they clear their property of debris, several expressed that the owners are holding the city hostage by owning property that is not available for rent or sale, not being used for more than storage (inside and out), and not showing civic pride with an appealing appearance. Vendors for the May 16th Cruizin' Days at present total four requests for outside locations, to include candles, dolls, popcorn and crafts. The inside vendors have not begun to contact the Chamber with the exception of Amy Foley. Cindy Haas stated that a Beer Garden is in the works to be set up across from the Studebaker Shop with the lot fenced and that the license has been taken care of. Yard sale forms are not yet available, but will be out shortly. Barth stated that he has flyers for the car show prepared and several wanted to create a kids' coloring contest for prizes. There will be a quilt show and a car show, but no plowing activity and no parade.

Harrington Chamber – Odessa Record Submission 11-9-2014
Harrington Chamber of Commerce met Wednesday noon to answer the request of Santa's elves at the North Pole. Due to labor disputes "Up North", Santa needed some local help to fill bags for his early appearance in Harrington. Following the same assembly line patterns developed by the elves, approximately 50 bags were stamped, filled, and sealed in record time, 27 minutes. The elf crew consisted of Cassandra Paffle-Dick, Kathy Hoob, Bunny Haugan, Principal Justin Bradford, Cindy Haase, Sharon Nighswonger, Margie Hall (EDC), Paula Pike, Summer Clark (US Bank), and Dillon Haas. The Chamber canceled its December meeting as the Chamber will be working with the school as part of Santa's Workshop on Dec 18th from noon to 3 p.m. Santa will come to Harrington Nov 29th from 10 until noon to have a photo session with the Harrington children.

Harrington Chamber of Commerce - Odessa Record Submission 9-07-2014
Wednesday noon, Sept 3, President Cassandra Paffle-Dick called the meeting of the Harrington Chamber of Commerce. Margie Hall informed the Chamber that the Broadband grant had been submitted and may be viewed on the EDC website. She followed with the announcement of two events by the EDC on Sept 25th. NectarMedia Consultant Josh Wade will provide a workshop from 2 to 6 p.m., Thursday, Sept 25 at the Davenport Memorial Hall. He will instruct on strategies of effective marketing, on-line traffic, utilizing Facebook and Twitter for your business, and building customer satisfaction. To register, contact 509-725-1170 or email . Immediately following this workshop at this location the Board of Directors of the Lincoln County Economic Development Council invite you to dinner, come to the EDC Connect from 6 to 8 p.m. to catch up on the business buzz and the work of your EDC. RSVP at 725-1170 by Sept 17. "Come when you can and come as you are! Beer and wine will be available." In preparation for the Harrington Fall Festival activities the discussions included notes on the Restroom Project at the park, vendors for the Festival on Sept 27, and the Parade, sponsored by the Lions Club. The new President of the Lions Club is Jim Wilcox. US Bank is having its Annual Hot Dog Feed on Friday the 26th . The poster project for the historic business buildings in Harrington is progressing nicely, and samples were shown to the chamber by Marge Womach. The next step will be for Bonnie Hardy to make these uniform in design to the sample she provided at a previous meeting. Two parties are showing an active interest in two of the historic business buildings on Third Street, one a proposed purchase and the other a potential rent. These are the good types of rumors circulating into the chamber meeting. Chamber of Commerce – 8-10-2014 Wednesday noon at Harrington City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce met with Cassandra PaffleDick, Kathy Hoob, Cyndi Haase, Bunny Haugan and Harrington's new principal, Justin B________ in attendance. The chamber took care of old business pertaining to the signs and banners for the town, and introduced the new principal. Some discussion was held regarding the inclusion of the Mud Bogs for the Fall Festival activities.

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