Cruizin’ Harrington

By Linda Mielke May 18th was a fun day in Harrington!  It was the date of our annual spring community celebration.  It’s a car show, a quilt show, a tour show of the historic buildings in Harrington.  A time to visit with friends and neighbors as well as a chance to meet new folks that…

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Busy Week in Harrington

Not all weeks in Harrington have quite so many “happenings.” However, the news from the first week of November 2018, as reported by Marge Womach, provides a good sampling of local activities. Monday Night HOHS Monday, Nov 5th, HOHS met at the opera house at 7 p.m. with Linda Wagner leading and the following in…

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Harrington Fall Festival Plans for Sept. 22, 2018

By Timothy Tipton, President, Harrington Area Chamber of Commerce Fall Festival is quickly approaching and preparations are already underway. Mark your calendars for this annual event in Harrington WA. Saturday September 22nd kicking off at 9am with the Harrington Fbla Fun Run. Followed by a rummage sale to help raise funds for the Harrington Opera House Society and the continuing…

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