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Harrington Public Development Authority

The Harrington Public Development Authority is dedicated to helping our community grow by creating sustainable development opportunities in order to grow jobs and improve the quality of life for our families and residents.

The City of Harrington formed their PDA “…to undertake, assist with and otherwise facilitate the acquisition, construction, development, equipping, leasing, operation and maintenance of public benefit projects within or without the City of Harrington, Lincoln County, Washington."

Meetings are usually the third Tuesday each month.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
7:00 PM
Harrington City Hall

The PDA meetings are open to the general public.

Minutes & Bylaws


On January 23, 2018, Margie Hall, Heather Slack, Josh Steward, & Dillon Haas gave a presentation via Zoom from the Harrington Post & Office to a meeting of the WA State Senate Economic Development & International Trade Committee in Olympia, WA. They showcased the successful ongoing PDA project of bringing hi-speed internet to Harrington and the example of the value that broad-band access provides to the citizens, the economic development, and the sustainability of rural towns.

The first 23 minutes of the Senate committee work-session was another presentation on the NoaNet system which provides some background to the public/private infrastructure partnerships that help make access possible. The Harrington presentation starts at 23 minutes & 40 seconds in the broadcast of the work-session.

You may want to view the slide shows that went with the presentations before, after, or during (if you have enough monitor space) viewing the broadcast.

Click on this link for the broadcast

NoaNet Slide Show

Harrington's Broadband Project Powerpoint presented to the Senate
Economic Development & International Trade Committee.

Screenshot of the WA State Senate Economic Development & International Trade Committee Meeting in Olympia on 1-23-18

Meeting in Post & Office

Heather Slack, Bob Iverson, Margie Hall (Lincoln Co. EDC), Josh Steward, & Dillon Haas
Presentation to Senate Committee via Zoom from the Post & Office


Broadband Project News Release 12/1/16

Rate Sheet for Hookup to NoaNet

Free wireless service is also available in The Post & Office Coffee Shop and to visitors within approximately 200 ft. of the City Hall/Library - 11 S Third St., Harrington, WA 99134.

Board Members: Harrington businesses sign
President: Heather Slack  
V-President: Tim Tipton  
Secretary: Bunny Haugan 253-4345
Treasurer: Paul Charlton  
Director: Jay Gossett  
Director: Josh Steward

Minutes & Documents

Harrington PDA Bylaws

Minutes 1/16/18 Draft
Minutes 12/19/2017
Minutes 11/21/17
Minutes 10/17/17
Minutes 9/20/17
Minutes 8/15/17
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Minutes 10/20/15
Information Meeting 9/21/15
Minutes 9/15/15
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Minutes 2/17/15

Minutes 1/27/15

No December meeting
Minutes 11/18/14
Minutes 10/28/14
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News Release
Minutes 4/29/14

Minutes 3/29/14 (not submitted)
Minutes 1/28/14
Minutes 11/26/13
Minutes 10/29/13
Minutes 9/30/13
Minutes 6/24/13

Peter Davenport UFO Presentation, in Harrington Opera House









Peter Davenport, UFO Presentation
Oct. 30, 2015 Fundraiser for PDA

Minutes 5/28/13 Word PDF
Minutes 4/22/13 Word PDF
Minutes 3/25/13 Word PDF
Minutes 2/25/13 Word PDF
Minutes 2/2/12 Word PDF
Some minutes may not have been provided to web site.
Minutes 6/15/10 Word
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Minutes 8/5/08 Word     


No May, June, or July Meetings  
Minutes 4/7/08 Word    
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