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Businesses Wanted!! Bring your family business to Harrington and add to this list! Clean air, clean water, safe environment. Ideal location for small restaurant, micro brew, antique store, specialty shop, Internet business store front, and more. Click for Details



Accommodations - overnight house for rent
Vintage 4 bdrm w/ modern conveniences

Contact through airbnb
  AgVentures NW, LLC (Odessa Union) 509-253-4324

B&B Septic
Blaine & Penny Fries
301 W. Glover, Harrington

509-253-4352       email
Dave Michaelson's on-line store
509-253-4798       email
  The Cottage, Picture Framing and Playthings
311 N 3rd - By appointment only
  Crop Production Services , 400 N 2nd 509-253-4311         email
  Grange Supply of Odessa/Harrington, 500 N 3rd
Cennex Gas
  Harrington Food Mart, 7 N 3rd 509-253-4534      email   
  Harrington Golf Course, 700 S 2nd 509-253-4308
  Harrington Family Diner
(Formerly the Harrington Haus Tavern) 14 S 3rd
Under Renovation

Harrington Hideaway RV Park   F-Book

208 W. Adams, Harrington, WA 99134

509-253-4788        email
  Harrington Truck & Auto Inc, 502 W Main 509-253-4700
  Makeitlikenoo - by Roos, and Danny too
Auto Detailing - 102 W Alice

  Leffel, Otis, & Warwick PS, 4 S 3rd
Specializing in agricultural accounting
509 253-4737         email
  Ott Insurance, 4 S 3rd St.
Sharing office space with Leffel, Otis, & Warwick PS

509-253-9304         email

The Post and Office  2 S Third St. Map
Coffee shop - free wi-fi and relaxed atmosphere
for meeting up with a friend, having a group meeting
or pulling out your book and enjoying a cozy chair.

messag symbol @thepostandoffice
  Rusty Lark, Hotel LIncoln - 3rd St.
Repurposed home furnishings
509-348-0251       email
  The Studebaker Garage 208-882-6563       email
  US Bank, 1 N 3rd
PO Box 126 Harrington, WA 99134
  US Post Office, 310 W Main ST 509-253-4341
  The Wild Hair Salon, 9 N 3rd St.
  in the Studebaker Garage building

509-253-4073    email   FB

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